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Wonderland-Online Meeting - Thursday/Friday October 6/7 2005

Wonderland-Online Meeting - Thursday/Friday October 6/7 2005
Current Staff: Michele, Liam, Arutha, Lowra, Kimi, Becca, Fez, Alexandria
Excused Absences: Fez, Alexandria
Pre-meeting Documented Issues: Newsletter, Promotions, Job Descriptions, Network wide communication, Wonderland-Online communication.
Opening the meeting: Becca
Following: Arutha
First Topic: Newsletter
To add a topic for discussion please query Michele with subject, you will be added to the que.
If you need to leave during the meeting, please do so quietly without a public announcement, excuses for early departure may be given to any admin.
If you are attending from another network, you are still able to add issues to the current meeting following the correct procedure.
Meeting begins now: Please wait until current speaker asks for input before speaking in the channel.
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