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Pulling together

Hello all,

At a recent meeting between a few of the wonderland staff, we looked at the way our users are communicating with each other and how that is effecting our growth as a community.

I would like to ask you all now to read this entry- as it dictates a few ideas that can help you and us in making Wonderland-Online a better and stronger network.

First of all, our recent staff changes of loosing Koozey and employing Alexandria and Fez are hopefully going to help us. Alexandria is taking over the main Newsletter management, whilst Fez is taking over the forums. Both seem hard working, and dont be afraid to ask them questions too!

As head of Promotions, I would personally like to see more activity on wonderland-online. Whether that is posting on this livejournal something, or talking on chat or in the forums, I encourage you all to please take spend some time on our facilities, so you can get to know everyone around you. We don't want people feeling secluded in our growth, and you have to help yourself as well as us to get there.

If any of you are interested in really helping wonderland beyong the simple call, there are other things you could do. Anything from:

  • Basic image making, to promoting the site and services in other points of internest.
  • Promoting it even in livejournal is a good start- get your friends to join this community, and add it to your userinfo.
  • If you are a member of some other community-based website or forums, advertise us!
  • If you own a website yourself- check out with a member of staff about our affliation programme
  • If you belong to another irc network, why not ask people to check us out too?
  • Come join in on chat- even active rooms will appeal to new users.

And even beyond those roles, I am interested in people who are willing to scout the net, even if its 10 mins a day for potential websites that may either require a chatroom for their own purpose, or to use our wol services. Basic ideas include sites about alice in wonderland, disney, lewis carrol, childrens literature etc.

As a network, we need to pull together to make this place better for all of us. That needs everyones participation, and we'd be grateful to all those who are willing to help.

If you have any suggestions, ideas or comments, don't be afraid to say anything!

Thank you


Head of WOL promotions.

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