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Wonderland Online Community

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August 10th, 2005

_michele_ @ 01:52 am:

August 8th, 2005

elantia @ 06:58 pm: For all those who are interested in this community and have yet to join...

Join Bitches, you are missing out!!!!!

because The cheshire cat says so.

(thats me)

August 6th, 2005

_michele_ @ 02:31 am: Okay
So two things are clear for pretty much everyone as main goals.
1. to begin the learning experience.
To do this I need everyone to do two things:
a. download putty
b. google putty commands.
I will be showing you how to use them, and repeating them, but if everyone has a more basic knowledge then we're going to be doing alot better.

2. We want harmony here
Well, considering almost all of us have experienced the horror of irc drama on CC, we definitely want to axe that on Wonderland.
The biggest challenge to this is to stop people from taking issues with one another and talking about it amongst themselves. Let's bring it out in the open and hash it out so we can make some progress!!

August 3rd, 2005

_michele_ @ 04:36 pm: Gosh guys
Okay, so the last week things have been really weird for my users and my staff. But we're rolling back to normal. In some ways, that's good. In other ways, not so much. We still need to be looking for new potential users. and Not by inviting friends from CC, RN, and so on. But legitimately new users to our realm of being. We also need better harmony server wide. Let's get on the forums and work to achieve this.

Becca's Personal Goals:
*** To encourage people to stop idiling in chat and forums alike
*** To bring new users into a place where they will feel welcome and in some circumstances, supported
***  To encourage teamwork and encouraging people to set aside their differences

How We As A Team Can Achieve This:
* the staff for one need to be commited and learn to work together
if staff have differences they need resolving and not led to bickering and bantering- i.e. kimi and liam
* people need to help people when help is needed
* people need to push ideas into working implementations and produce worthy outcomes
* people should share with everyone what they are doing and accept advice and constructive criticism from others
* any ideas anyone has, from a server link to a new room should share this with everyone
* and we need to learn to work as a team
because no new user wants to come into a disorganised idle place,  if they join and see an idle room - they leave in 5 mins and never return same witht he forums and because of time differences, forums are probably one of our best forms of communication

My ( Michele ) personal Goals at this time:
*** Promotion - above all else
*** Desire to learn what we're doing with ease.
*** I want my staff and my users in some harmony
We should work on finding the strengths within one another and encouraging each person to use those talents to thier fullest extent

July 25th, 2005

_michele_ @ 06:49 pm: <33
HI lovers!!!
Thanks much to Bex for the makage of this.
Also, I'm interested to learn about some other communities ya'll are in.

July 24th, 2005

elantia @ 06:38 pm: More Icons

I'm bored and make bad icons...

Comment/credit etc.


see here...Collapse )

July 10th, 2005

elantia @ 12:12 am: start promoting this place people!!!

I will be inspecting yours ljs for promotion soon :p

all are welcoem to add any icons or banners links etc that are wol/ wonderland related!

thank you


June 26th, 2005

elantia @ 09:54 pm: some more icons...

these have been floating about in my photobucket and such for a while. They're not all mine, but I cannot remember any of the sources to credit:



elantia @ 09:06 pm: Another wonderland lj community...

May 28th, 2005

fleurd @ 10:59 pm: WOL Icons.

May 27th, 2005

elantia @ 01:40 pm: this is a test post for background.

i've only just started this, I wont be launching it and showing people till its ready and stuff.
If you are wanting to join, then of course do :p

if you are bored or enjoy wonderland visit- www.wonderland-online.net

becca x

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